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Shutters vs. Impact Windows

You have two basic options for opening protection - install shutters over standard windows and doors or replace those windows and doors with impacted rated windows and doors. If you have older windows that need to be replaced then installing impact windows may be your best choice.

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Save Up To 30% in Your Home Insurance
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 Did you know that installing hurricane protection products in your home could lower your homeowner's insurance from 5% to 30%?

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Choosing Hurricane Shutters

If you are thinking about getting hurricane shutters you should know that you have several options.  First, understand that to fully protect your house from flying debris you must protect every window and door in your home: this includes your front door, garage door, skylights, and any and all other windows and doors around your home.​ 

​​Contact one of our representatives today to find out more on  protecting your home during hurricane season .

Unfortunately, the exposure to hurricanes is one of the main reasons Florida  homeowners insurance rates are higher than the average​.

Wind Insurance

The wind portion of your homeowner’s policy in Florida is priced separately from the rest of your policy. Mainly because you can do several changes around your home to help you reduce the wind portion cost of your homeowners insurance policy. 

Homes on or near the coast of Florida can expect their wind insurance to be the most expensive part of their homeowner’s policy, as the cost is based on the wind zone that the house is in.  Generally, the closer a home is to the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico the more the wind insurance will cost. The Florida Keys (Monroe County) and the Miami area (Miami Dade County) are in the highest wind zone where houses should be built to withstand 150 MPH winds. The coastal areas from Broward County up to St. Lucie County are all rated for 140 MPH winds.

However, you can lower the wind coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy from 5% to 30% by adding hurricane shutters, improving your roof, and by making other upgrades to your home.